Running an ABA Clinic with the right tools to aid you is a necessity in today’s marketplace. Portia ABA Clinic Software enables you, the Clinic Owner to run your clinic efficiently, save money on payroll, reduce staff turnover and improve the quality of life for your staff.

Fraud Prevention

As is the case with many businesses having high turnover, ABA clinics can be vulnerable to fraudulent activity. Most clinics are still operating with paper, which, when coupled with remote staff, fraud identification can be difficult and nearly impossible to predict.  Only when discovered by external audits do some ABA clinics even identify that staff have been billing for therapy they did not deliver. Increasingly, ABA clinics are modernizing their practices with ABA Clinic Owner Software like Portia.  Portia tracks and records all therapeutic activities with time stamps so you can be confident what occurred, when and with whom.

Insurance Billing Reports

Every ABA clinic struggles to stay on top of Insurance Billing. With Portia, all Insurance Billing reporting data is readily available allowing you to track and monitor all aspects of revenue.

With Portia, all necessary insurance reporting documentation is readily available , ensuring you get paid promptly and in full; all while reducing the un-billable time.

Harder and Harder to get Paid

ABA clinics are feeling the squeeze as insurance companies tighten the requirements for payouts of ABA therapy services. This results in a smaller margin for errors. Paper-based operations are both inefficient and difficult to track/monitor. By utilizing Portia, clinics not only maximize their Insurance Revenue potential but also focus on what is most important – helping Learners. With Portia, clinics will operate financially efficient without compromising the quality of work/care.

Portia allows BCBA’s to focus on what they do best – helping Learners. With Portia, BCBA’s can have the all the flexibility of paper while using a completely digital software solution. BCBA’s and clinics gain incredible efficiencies without compromising their work integrity.

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Portia allows Behavior Analysts to streamline their processes while maintaining quality and effective individualized ABA programs for each Learner… easy to set up and operate.

– Hellen Adedipe M.A., BCBA, Founder & Clinical Director – The Reason for Hope

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