Since October 2009, Goals for Autism has been providing quality in-home ABA programs and clinic-based social skill groups for ages to 2 to 21 diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Social Deficits and Behavior Disorders. Goals for Autism is a team of 80 clinicians, technicians and administrative support that who provides services across four locations in California, Arizona, and Nevada. Goals for Autism currently helps over 200 children, youth, adolescents and adults.

Life before Portia™

Like many organizations, Goals for Autism need to be more efficient administratively, allowing their clinicians more time for direct ABA therapy and programming. Improving their efficiencies would allow the clinicians to better server their learners.

Prior to Portia™, learner data was collected via paper and pen. Clinicians would often spend too much time on report writing vs ABA therapy for their learners.. Achieving work-life balance for the team of clinicians, technicians, and administrative support was proving to be a challenge. A solution to make life easier as well as reduce costs was needed.

When asked “If you were to measure how happy you were before bringing in Portia™ on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being low and 10 being high) what score would you give?” the reply was a 5.

What did Portia International provide?

Goals for Autism met the Portia team at a trade show. During the demo it was clear the Portia team understood the pains of running an ABA clinic. A few more conversations lead Goals for Autism to decide on replacing their pen and paper approach with Portia’s therapy-first software for ABA clinics combining curriculum, electronic medical records and data collection.

Life after Portia™

The BCBAs love the fact that they can access data from anywhere and make any required changes immediately. During insurance audits Goals for Autism can pull the data and reports immediately – making our life so much easier.

When asked “If you were to measure how happy you were after bringing in Portia™ on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being low and 10 being high) what score would you give?” the reply was a 10.

Return on investment

Portia ABA Clinic software has saved Goals for Autism an average of 4 hours per report. In addition, data collection has increased in efficiency and accuracy. Since implementing Portia ABA Clinic Software, the team at Goals for Autism have reached the work-life balance that they were hoping for.


Adryon Ketcham, MA, BCBA, LBA
Goals for Autism Inc.
California, USA


Portia provided fantastic support during and after our roll out. They were amazing, responsive and the are open to new ideas and collaboration.

Adryon Ketcham, MA, BCBA, LBA

Reports are completed in a timely manner with a significant decrease in the amount of non-billable time to complete the reports. Portia ABA Clinic software has saved us an average of 4-hours per report. In addition our data collection has increased efficiency and accuracy. Changes can be made immediately to programs, increasing our ability to provide quality ABA services.

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